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Peter Pugger VPM-60TE Tile Extruder
Peter Pugger VPM-60TE Tile Extruder
Based on the standard VPM-60, the VPM-60TE has incorporated the additional features to transform the Power Wedger into the most versatile tile making machine available: Aggressive Stainless Steel Auger: The VPM-60TE auger design has been modified to accommodate the enormous backpressure generated as a result of extruding large amounts of clay through a small orifice (tile die/adapter). Variable Speed Control: This allows the operator the ability to speed up or slow down the pugmill. This is especially useful when extruding through dies. Because of the back pressure generated by a large amount of clay being forced through a small orifice, the speed control allows the operator to slow the pugging as required. In turn, perfect deaired configurations are easily extruded through the Pugger-Mixer. There are additional advantages if you are a "single potter studio". The ability to slow the pugging allows for time to place pugged clay into containers or bags. Upgraded 3Hp Motor: In addition to the massive gear reduction the gearbox provides, an upgraded 3Hp motor has been designed into the VPM-60TE to provide ample power. Tile Nozzle: The VPM-60TE has the ability to utilize the standard nozzle with a 3 1/2" diameter pug or a tile nozzle with a 10" wide x 2" tall opening. Nozzles can be switched out by simply removing the four bolts that secures the nozzle to the cone Tile Nozzle Adjustable adapter: The tile nozzle adapter allows the operator to adjust the tile thickness and width by simply loosening and sliding the guide plates to the desired dimensions. Optional: Tile Retainer and Epoxy Inserts: A tile retainer which houses epoxy inserts can be mounted to the end of the tile nozzle for extruding consistent product from the VPM-60TE. An epoxy insert is created using a master of the desired configuration i.e. field tile, relief molding, and architectural pieces. Epoxy inserts are very durable (produce approximately 10,000-20,000 6" x 6" tiles) and fairly inexpensive.
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