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Barnard Slip - 1 lb.
Barnard clay has long been used by potters as a source of iron in dark firing glazes. It offers price advantages over using iron oxide and being a clay aids in suspending the materials in the slurry. Barnard has proven valuable for iron slip glazes requiring high clay content. For example, a mixture of 90% Barnard and 20% calcium carboate will produce a nearly black glaze around cone 9. The chemistry appears to be highly variable. We have seen iron amounts as low as 14% and as high as 34% (the other oxides are likewise variable). However, it is a silty material with very low plasticity; so low that it is difficult to form test specimens from it in the plastic state. The material is extremely messy to work with an stains containers and everything it touches. There is some variation in the color and thus fired results of glazes and slips employing it. CaO 0.60, MgO 0.70, K2O 1.10, Na2O 0.60, TiO2 0.20, Al2O3 7.60, SiO2 47.00, Fe2O3 33.90. Source: Digital Fire.
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