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Laguna Exhaust Fan - 12" Tube-Axial for Pro-V2
2288 CFM
Price: $1003.20

Laguna filter - Aluminum
Long lasting aluminum. 2 in Pro-V and 1 in Pro-X. Priced per piece.
Price: $40.70

Laguna Filter - Reusable Styrofoam
2 in Pro-V and 1 in Pro-X. Priced per piece.
Price: $18.70

Laguna Stainless Steel Shelf Pro-V
Fits Pro-V booth.
Price: $111.85

Laguna Stainless Steel Shelf Pro-X
Fits Pro-X booth.
Price: $89.55

Lehman Casting Table with Table Legs   STJ-L


This molded acrylic table has 12 removable dowels and a 2" center drain with a shutoff. The steel table can hold 2,000 lbs. 26" x 42".
Price: Price: Please call

Lehman Mity Mite Elite Mixer
Lehman Mity Mite Elite Mixer
The Mity Mite Mixer (shown on the left) is the most efficient small mixer available. It's perfect for regular slip, porcelain, stoneware and makes for fast and easy reclaiming of wet trimmings from molds. In fact, it will mix glaze and about anything else that can be classified as a heavy slurry liquid. It has a capacity of 10 gallons. Lid and outlet spigot included. Polyethylene tank carries a 5 year warranty, all other parts have one year warranty. Complete with cord, switch and mixing instructions.
Price: Price: Please call

Lehman RM-30
Lehman RM-30
THe RM-30 has a unique reverse pumping action which allows for both the filling and draining of molds with just a flick of a switch. The utility nozzle easily controls the slip flow from a trickle to a full 5 GPM. The drain tube (attaches to the nozzle) is especially designed to draw in from the sides and will not harm the greenware. 24" diameter x 45" high overall. 32" high to top of tank.
Price: Price: Please call

Lehman Slip Mixer  30-B


Excellent for either making slip or reclaiming trimmings. Round polyethylene tank with direct-drive, top mounted mixer. Has a removable plexi-glass cover and a 2" side drain spigot. A steel base is optional, or you can make one to your own requirements. 1/2 h.p. motor. Requires some minor assembly, and mixing and reclaiming instructions are included. The 30-B has a diameter of 19", tank height of 30", 41" tall overall.
Price: Price: Please call

Lehman Slip Mixer 30-B Base
Base is optional and you must specify 30-B.
Price: Price: Please call

Lehman Slip Mixer  BR-6
Lehman Slip Mixer BR-6
The BR-6 (shown on the right) has the same great mechanical features as the Mity Mite, except it is designed to fit on a 6 gallon bucket. The motor mount / top cover of the BR6 is clear lexan and it both seals the tank and allows you to see inside. The BR-6 has a convenient handle so the mixer can be moved from bucket to bucket. A 6 gallon bucket is provided with the BR-6.
Price: Price: Please call

Lehman Slip Mixer  COM


Shown on left. The COM mixer features a C-clamp mount with adjustable angle settings. This allows the unit to be installed in a variety of tanks. It has a 31" long stainless steel shaft with two 4" mixing props. The 1/2 h.p. motor has an 8" cord and in-line switch.
Price: Price: Please call

Lehman Slip Mixer  OPT


Shown on right. The OPT mixer is designed to mount on top of the dowels of a standard casting table. The 1/2 h.p. motor is connected to a flat stainless steel plate. U-bolts are included to fasten the plate to the table.
Price: Price: Please call

Lehman Slip Pump  EX-4
Lehman Slip Pump EX-4
The EX4 pump is designed to mount externally. It has a 1/3 h.p. motor, a 1" hose, 1" nozzle, and an inlet hose to connect it to a tank. This pump is used on several models of our casting tables. The EX4 has an 8' electrical cord with an inline switch and is easy to install and use to create an efficient casting system.
Price: Price: Please call

Metal Atomizer MA-100 (100ml)


Use your mouth to spray glazes or oxides on clay works, easily, and quickly. Inside the metal container is a tiny tube from the bottom to the top. When you blow air through the top pipe, you create suction that pulls the liquid up through the vertical tube and the liquid exits the sprayer as mist.
Price: $18.00

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